Stacking Up My Paper: Layered Paper Art

Monday, August 1, 2022

Here is a collection of my recent layered paper art that I create from digital vectors and cut out from cardstock paper to build.

Recently, I've had the urge to bring my designs to life, not in a Frankenstein way but as something you can feel, touch, and manipulate in real life. These days everything is going digital, so I decided to turn that on its head and take my digital work offline. In the process, I've discovered a new love for paper, and jumped on learning all I can about the media. I've built up quite a collection of various paper in different weights, colors and textures that I now use as my means of creating art.

To make these layered paper art, I create custom vector illustrations that I can then cut out with my Cricut Maker, with these pieces I build the designs based on my blueprints. I've been exploring various subjects, sizes and techniques hoping to find something that sticks. These designs would make great decor in an office or baby room, be a great paper gift for a first anniversary or a fun holiday card. Below are a few of my latest works.

Eventually, I would like to share the joy of stacking with others with my Paperpila kits. Coming Soon!

Titans Logo
Bob Ross Painting Close Up
Lady Gaga Fame Monster Cover
Kamala Harris Vogue Cover
Willie Nelson & Trigger
Steve Jobs Times 1982 Cover
Lenore Cameo
Sweet Pup for Friends
Stylized Puppers for Friends
Bob Ross with his Painting
"Roller Racer" Paperpila
Wednesday Addams
Squid Games Masked Men
Babie Mercury (personal favorite)

Thanks for checking them out! I'd love to hear which one's your favorite!

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