Dream Brand for Plans for Your Dream Home

Bainbridge Design Group

Bainbridge is an already well-established home design group in Tusla, Oklahoma who was looking to expand their offerings to a digital marketplace to search, explore and purchase new home building plans. Check it out for yourself and get your dream home plans.

They already had a logo for their design firm but wanted to use the name "BDG Collection" for the marketplace. I was tasked with creating a modified logo based on their current, expand the style library, and design page views for the developers. We started with a mood board to all get on the same page. Then page by page, we built out a full user flow from homepage to check out and everything in between. I'm really proud of this UI and hope to always put this much style in a design. Like damn, even the dashboard is sexy.


You know me, I'm a sucker for a chance to bring a design into the real world. From big bad signage to the classic little business card, I'm down to design it all.

Good old signage is always an interesting task. Make it as visible as possible to someone drive past at 60 mph. The main goal is to make the most important information the biggest. So although no one likes a giant logo, it's really the point of the sign and needs to be the focal. Send me a pic if you see one while driving around Tulsa!

Property Signage
Business Card Concepts

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