Iconic Brand for Women in Tech


If you don't know about DevelopHer, you are missing out. I'm so proud to be a small part of the beast of a community Lauren Hasson has created. She is committed to helping women in tech know their true worth, the advantage of growing your skills, and how to apply that to further your career — to make more money! And she has the resume to back this up, she's a killer in the technology world.

When Lauren first came to me, she had a logo and an amazing product but it was lacking in excitement. Working with the existing logo and content we worked back and forth to create a super robust illustrative brand that looks so cool and is contextual in message, better visualizing the steps.

Marketing to a female demographic, we didn't want to get to feminine but we want to embrace the sense of empowerment that pink holds. Throughout the brand, we've applied the styling the many different concepts and themes, that all work seamlessly to create an engaging brand.

Each new message we wanted to illustrate grew a new life of it's own as we went. The brand will continue to evolve and grow and these illustrations will grow up along side.

Preview of the refresh coming soon

The Develop[Her] Playbook

I got to design a book!!! That's just so cool to say still. This was a new experience and I am so proud how it turned out. In our iconic style, we've really created a fun and insightful playbook for your career. Each chapter has a unique illustration based on the subject matter and there are so many fun finds sprinkled throughout. Not to mention just the beautiful typography and hierarchy design.

On top of the design techniques, I learned the beast that is Amazon Publishing. The book is printed by Amazon when you order so no need for inventory and it's available on the Kindle app! Essentially this felt like a building a website, I had accept some things wouldn't look exactly the way I designed the print, but as is the nature of digital!

Order your copy today!

I've been working with this brand for a couple years now and have been in awe of it's growth. It's really a great feeling to be so closely aligned with a brand that is actively fighting for women in tech. Check out the latest at developher.com.

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