Playful Web Branding for Tourism Site

Experience Kissimmee

When you are the city next door to Orlando, Florida, you can't really expect to call yourself "The Happiest Place on Earth" but Kissimmee doesn't want you to forget that it's there and also has awesome family friendly things to do.

I was brought in to net out the design system for the website. They already had a solid brand, great photography, and working on some stellar content, my job was to give it all a usable, fun and unique platform design to make that all shine.

The developers really killed it with the interactions so be sure to visit the site and see it all our hard work in action.

Create a Design System

Styling Basics

We avoid building content heavy sites as pages, rather think of them as lego blocks that you can build into different pages depending on the message and purpose. We start granular, with colors, fonts, and basic spacing. We expanded their color palette, created some unique, animated icons, built out various borders, and even designed a unique pattern for the site.

Typography was chosen to be a strong, bold pairing against our wild design, which created a fun design that was still extremely usable.

Themes System
Typography Styles
Pattern Example

Building the Components

Always the fun part to any project is getting to bring the elements to life. The budget and dev team really gave me an opportunity to push the layouts, interactions and styling of these components. Taking a something as simple as an informational slider and creating a fun interactive experience.

From the simple button hovers to the complex full listing system, everything was designed as a system to look cohesive and keep the visitor engaged. The live site features some really slick scroll and hover interactions.

Features Slider Component
Content Component
Who doesn't love a good form?

This colorful, funky site was a pleasure to design. I'm thankful for having a strong team on this one to really bring it to it's full potential and creating a very happy client. When are you going to Experience Kissimmee?

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