Minimal Vintage Bagel Branding

Lenore's Bagels

Lenore's Bagels is a delicious Dallas-based pop up bagel maker. Started by Jess and Seth Brammer during covid, they wanted to bring an original family recipe to North Texas. Using only the best ingredients you can really taste the difference in their bagels. Oh and don't sleep on those salted chocolate chip cookies.

Lenore's Bagels came to me wanting to improve the brand look of their already amazing business. They had the vision, the logo concept, and so much more, they just needed someone to bring it to life. That's where I came in. Working with Seth and Jess was a wonderfully collaborative process and the proof is in the work.

Starting by improving the logo design through illustrations, colors, and layout, we built a beautiful, fun brand that embodies the minimal grandma essence their bagels represent. Seeing my designs literally come to life in sticker and pin form was really the icing on the cake (cream cheese on the bagel?).

Seth really had a vision and I am proud to be a part of bringing the brand to life. I mean come on, look at that logo in neon lights.

The Logo Evolution

Sometimes it just about putting in a little TLC. Their logo was solid but did not translate well to different applications and need just some cleaning up to improve the brand visually. So instead of a brand new logo, we took their existing logo and focusing on improving balance, readability, and cleanliness. See the results below.

Stages of the logo
Final logo in brand pink

Illustrating the Brand

Illustrating is the one thing I really love but just don't get too many chances to get to do for work. Seth gave me this opportunity and I could not be more grateful. Taking is ideas and concepts and creating them in my unique style was a joy. I hope to get more projects like this.

Bagel Dog
Bagel Icons
The Lenore's Bus
Jess & Seth Illustration
Lenore's Silhouette
A Bagel is a Friend to All

Bringing it to Life

My favorite part of any project is bring it to life through layout and design. For the brand, we establish a soft, clean look that really pushes colors and typography. The joy of layout is that some use cases are extreme, need to be interactive and attention getting then there are times when you just need a simple, clean direct ad to let people know where the bagels will be.

Catering Print Brochure Concept
Store Your Bagel Card
Menu Design

I really love the way this whole brand came to life and love seeing Lenore's evolve and grow. Be sure to order yours and see what new things they are up to at

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