Modern Law Firm Branding

Lumens Law Group

Lumens Law Group is a Dallas-based law firm that specializes in intellectual property and trade secrets. They needed a brand to differentiate from the rest and we did that, twice!

How it Started

Flashback to the start of our relationship before Lumens was a thing and they were Chen Leftwich, LLP and needed a logo and website design. I figured I'd share both so we can see the evolution and how Lumens builds on the Chen Leftwich version. During this process, we established our color palette, style, and feel. Owning the dark red helps the brand pop while still being professional.

Lumens Comes In

About a year later, they come back! The firm name has changed and they want to keep the essence but with a little upgrade. I provided a few variations with the new name and this is the updated look.

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