Auction House with a Vintage Feel

Timeless Auctions

A brand for the ages

When an online auction house specializes in vintage and retro pieces, you don't want to just put it on any minimal modern website template. We really wanted this brand to have a voice of it's own before you ever read a word of the sales pitch. This brand is old school yet clean and adaptable.

Playing with stylized imagery that feels vintage just by the subject matter, we created a memorable brand that owns it's products. The oranges paired with black create a timeless look that pops and is own able wherever presented

To the internet!

No project is ever complete until it's on the web... well maybe, for this one - Yes! We needed a hub for sellers and bidders converge to discover their nostalgia. Web is where all those fun and games in branding meet their true competition. Creating a powerful platform that is well organized and beautiful is my favorite task to conquer. Balancing the hierarchy of the messaging with the functional elements that are information heavy and complex is a challenging but rewarding job. As you can see in this design, I lean into white space, varying typography and elements and color to direct the users eye where it needs to go.

A solid lead in
It's all about imagery
Dynamic, info heavy listing cards
How to the old school way

This was a fun challenge and resulted in a unique experience that is beautiful and usable.

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